Teeth Whitening should not be a mystery​

Discover an easy teeth whitening system & provide your staff with teeth whitening training

On Demand Training

Hassle free teeth whitening system

Physical & Digital Marketing Material​

Prefilled Whitening Kits

Stop using systems that use syringes. Syringes can be messy and take more time. Our Prefilled Kits have the correct amount of whitening gel to evenly coat your clients teeth. They include a comfortable tray, bib, brush up and vitamin E swabs. This is everything you need in a kit to complete a successful teeth whitening. All of our gels are made in the United States. 

Whitening Kit
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Whitening Pen

The whitening pen is the perfect delivery system for maintenance. Whitening pens are typically used as an upsell or included in the price of a whitening session. Clients typically get anywhere from 25-45 uses from the whitening pen and the gel is always made in the United States where quality is best.

We are more than just a whitening company
We want to see you succeed

Digital Marketing Materials

We do not only aim to make your teeth whitening system. Our goal is to help you sell teeth whitening and bring in more customers. We do not know of any other teeth whitening company that includes digital marketing material in our starter package. The digital marketing material includes 17 pages of example social media posts, images, and videos. If there is not a picture or video in the marketing material that you want we will get it for you. 


We want you to experience the

paying customer

Incredible Demand

If you do not have a simple and effective whitening system you will miss out on the incredible demand for teeth whitening.

Large Profit Margins

We keep our pricing competitive which leave your with the largest amount in profit. Depending on your area teeth whitening can bring in $99-$300 per whitening.
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Growing customer base

Men and women need their teeth whitened. Women will bring their husbands or boyfriends to get their teeth whitened.

You do not have to lose customers to competitors, miss out on large profit margins, and can grow your bottom line with an easy teeth whitening system

Increase your bottom line by $30K with 1 Teeth Whitening Per Day

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Get Access to

Everything that you need to be successful with teeth whitening.

  • 7 Step Teeth Whitening System
  • Wholesale Teeth Whitening Kits
  • Wholesale Whitening Pens
  • 27 Color Shade Guide
  • FREE Training Course 
  • FREE Certification
  • Physical Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Templates
  • Images / Videos for website or social media

Getting Started with Teeth Whitening

In Three Simple Steps

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1. Get Trained

Master teeth whitening with our 7 Step system. Our video training will give you all the tools you need to be successful with teeth whitening.
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2. Get Teeth Whitening Supplies

We supply all professionals that want to offer teeth whitening. We have wholesale teeth whitening kits, wholesale teeth whitening pens, and more.
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3. Let your customers know

We do not ask you to buy our products before receiving value. Training and digital templates are free for you to use even if you do not purchase from us.