Discover a simple teeth whitening system that delivers results after

Got Stains? 

Your patients want a white smile and for good reason. White smiles make pretty pictures. Whether it’s for a special occasion, making a good first impression, reverse the affects of smoking, or to boost their self confidence.

Everyone LOVES a white smile 

You already know your patients are not going to stop drinking their wine, eating their candy, or smoking. Your patients will continue to cause extrinsic staining of their tooth enamel making their smiles yellow over time. 

Your patients will keep staining their teeth 

Teeth Whitening 

As you know there are many ways to white teeth and here are just a few.

  1. Toothpastes
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Activated Charcoal
  4. Whitening Strips
  5. Whitening Gels

The fastest way to deliver results is to use a whitening gel using carbamide peroxide with a whitening accelerator light that removes the surface stains. Teeth Whitening systems do not have to be complicated or take up a lot of room.



  • Contains Citric Acid
  • Damages tooth enamel
  • Whitens up to 1-2 shades

Activated Charcoal


  • Abrasive causing sensitivity
  • Damages tooth enamel
  • Whitens up to 1-3 shades

Whitening Strips


  • Painful and cause sensitivity
  • Damages tooth enamel
  • Whitens 1-2 shades

NuYuTW System


  • Enamel Safe
  • Does not cause sensitivity
  • Results within 20 minutes
  • Whitens 2-8 shades

NuYu Teeth Whitening System

Our 7 Step System is SIMPLE and RESULTS are guarenteed

Step 1 – Find before Shade

The shade guide provided is a premium shade guide with 27 shades for the most accurate comparison on the market. Select the most stained tooth of the patients smile and compare it with the Portrait IPN shade guide to obtain their current tooth shade.  Pull out your best mirror and ask them if the shade you selected matches their teeth.  After you find their shade you pull the tooth out of the shade guide and show them. Keep their before shade out of the Shade Guide 

Step 2 – The Brush-Up

The Oral Brush-up is a textured teeth wipe that quickly cleans plaque off of teeth and freshens your breath. It fits over the their finger like a little sock to wipe over your teeth and gums. It doesn’t require any water or rinsing. This quick brush up will allow the gel to contact the stains that have been there for years. It will also remove any loose debris on the patients teeth. 

Step 3 – Vitamin E Swab

While they are using the brush-up, take out the Vitamin E Swab and snap off the side with the red line completely. This will allow the vitamin e to settle at the other side of the swab. Once it has settled, hand the Vitamin E Swab and have them coat their gums and lips while holding their smile.

Step 4 – Pre-loaded Tray

The mouth trays are pre-loaded with the whitening gel (44% carbamide peroxide). When they are done applying the Vitamin E, place the mouth tray into the patients mouth. Instruct the them to bite down naturally and relax. 

Step 5 – Apply Whitening Light

Give the patient the protective goggles to protect their eyes from the light. The light accelerates the whitening process by releasing the hydroxyl radicals. Adjust the whitening light to their smile as close as possible without touching the them. Ensure their mouth is completely blue then set the timer to 20 minutes and press start to begin the whitening process. Once their time is up let them rinse out their mouth and proceed to show them RESULTS. 

Step 6 – RESULTS

This is the best part, where you get to show your patient their results. Compare their whitest tooth to the shade guide and remove it from the shade guide. Pull out your best mirror and ask them if the shade you selected matches their teeth.  Then show them the before shade and after shade together to show them their progress. Count the number of shades between their shades and tell them how many shades whiter their smile is. Depending on how white their smile is, typically they will see 2-8 Shades whiter smiles in their first treatment. We always recommend follow up treatments every month for 2 months for the ultimate white smile. Results can last a lifetime but what we eat and drink stains our teeth and recommend completing 3 treatments once a year to keep their smiles white.

Step 7 – Maitenance!

Step 7 is all about making that new bright white smile last. Let the them know that for 24 hours they will want to avoid coffee, tea, tobacco, and other dark-colored food and drinks. The teeth whitening pen is highly recommended and can be an up-sell or given away as part of the treatment. Instruct them to apply the whitening gel from the pen before they go to sleep at night. Tell them to only apply the gel directly to the smile zone. The pen lasts for 30 days if used daily. 

Why offer Teeth Whitening?

Easy to Learn & Perform

Teeth whitening is simple to learn and easy to do. We will train you and your staff and provide CCTW certification. Typically training only lasts 10-30 minutes depending on questions


Results within MINUTES

Other whitening products  take days, weeks, or months to see results. Our whitening products gives your people the bright white smile they are looking for within minutes. 

Low Investment

You can add teeth whitening to your list services for under $3000 that will generate you at least $15,000 yearly even if you do three whitening treatments a week. 

High Profit Margins

Our whitening products are priced competitively without sacrificing high standards of quality. All of our products go through rigorous testing.  

Pre-Loaded Whitening Kits

The Pre-loaded Whitening kits come with everything you need for a successful whitening.

Pre-loaded Whitening kits include:

  • 1x Pre-loaded Mouth Tray 44% Carbamide Peroxide
  • 3x Vitamin E Swabs
  • 1x Self Adhesive Bib
  • 1x Brushup

Home Whitening Kits

For the people that want to whiten their teeth at home, you can offer them a home whitening kit.

Home Whitening kits Include:

  • 1x Duplex Mouth Tray
  • 1x Cool Blue LED Mini Light
  • 2x 3ml syringes 22% Carbamide Peroxide Gel

Professional Marketing Materials

NuYu will provide all the marketing material that you need to be successful with teeth whitening. We provide brochures and posters that have been professionally designed to quickly educate.

Our products are FDA, ADA Approved & Dentist Endorsed

I have been very impressed with NuYu’s Teeth Whitening System, it’s much easier then Zoom and my patients couldn’t be happier.

Dr. George Shudy

D.D.S., M.S., FACD, George F. Shudy DDS

NUYU is the fastest teeth whitening product! My patients love that it produces amazing results quickly, and without causing sensitivity issues. The products are SO EASY to work with and they make our patients happy!

Dr. Navid Zamani

D.M.D, DENT-ALL by Dr. Z

My staff and patients love NUYU. It’s fast with no sensitivity and great results. We are whitening more smiles then ever. I’m able to charge less while increasing my bottom line.

Dr. Mark Espinoza

DDS, Central Dental Care

Order your NuYu Teeth Whitening System Today!

NuYu Teeth Whitening System


Our teeth whitening systems comes with everything you need to be successful with teeth whitening. Pre-loaded trays, whitening pens, premium shade guide, teeth whitening light, and professionally designed marketing material.

This is the easiest teeth whitening system to implement 

The system comes with: 

  • NuYu 3000 LED Light
  • 15 Whitening Pens
  • 15 Home Whitening Kits
  • 15 Pre-Loaded Whitening Kits
  • 1 Shade Guide
  • 2 Goggles
  • 4 11″ x 14″ Posters
  • 100 Brochures

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