8 Key Benefits of Selling Teeth Whitening

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The teeth whitening market is booming around the world right now, and there was never a better product to motivate you to jump into the waters of entrepreneurship. Startups are discovering that not only is it effortless to create a business based on whitening products and procedures, but it’s also profitable. 

Everywhere you look, there is an opportunity to start your one kiosk in a mall, upgrade your whitening services at your dental office, or create a new luxury service for your salon clientele. Whatever your motivation, there are numerous companies on hand to help you begin this next stage of your business plan. For those who already offer a line of products to brighten smiles, you may consider looking for better quality results, further training for needed licensing, or develop an even more engaging support team.  

Demand for Teeth Whitening

In an age of YouTube influencers, Instagram models, and Kickstarter companies, having healthy oral hygiene isn’t enough: your smile must beam brightly. This increased concern about dental aesthetics has overtaken our society and boosted demand for whitening options. This is especially true in the younger generation of adults that frequently get targeted to purchase new beauty and fashion products. 

While attaining a truly white smile has become a beauty standard around the globe, North America holds the lion’s share of this market and trends don’t show any signs of decline. This has led to dental offices offering more cosmetic procedures instead of only traditional oral care options.  This demand becomes two-fold when compounded with the United State’s unhealthy food habits that leave teeth stained.

Low Investment Means High Profit Margins

Even though the teeth whitening sector is a multi-billion dollar industry, it is not difficult to break into it as most business models involve low investment and high returns. This is partly due to demand and the fact that many quality brightening products are now more affordable and available for use outside of a typical dental office. Currently trained professionals are offering different whitening products at spas, mall kiosks, and tanning salons. 

A vast majority of whitening suppliers work with aspiring business owners to help them get started for less than $3000. Considering that the initial product and equipment will service multiple customers for an average of $100 – $150 per treatment, it takes less than 30 customers to recoup the original investment and enjoy a high-profit margin as a result.

Teeth Whitening is Easy to Learn and Perform

One hesitation that many would-be smile whitening entrepreneurs and dental professionals worry about is the difficulty of performing the procedure. Fortunately, this is easily forgotten when your supplier shows you the simple six or seven steps involved and how simple it is to operate the needed equipment.

Depending on the type of whitening service you are planning to offer your customers, you may need to learn how to take a before and after photo, determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure, how to turn on a light, and hand them an often pre-loaded mouth tray. It’s really that simple! 

Teeth Whitening is Easy to Market

Thanks to the high demand for bright smiles, everyone knows about the type of products that work and are actively seeking them out. Patients have come to realize that not all whitening products have the same formula or work effectively, so they are willing to pay more for a product that performs. 

In conjunction with the often low-cost advertising campaigns, you can market your store on popular social media sites, where you will have a large audience to draw in and offer your products. You might start off with your closest contacts first, but their recommendations and referrals will grow your business further, as well. 

Great Add-on Service for Beauty Industry

As an experienced business owner in the beauty industry, you understand the importance of bringing innovative services to set your salon apart from the rest. Adding teeth whitening to your list of premier services creates a level of luxury care your clients expect. This also helps you to upsell other products that can help diversify your client pool and make more sales. 

Whitening teeth for cosmetic purposes has found its way outside of the dental office over the past few years, and there are now a number of brightening products available that do not require you to hold a license in dentistry.  

Anyone Can Offer Tooth Whitening

Yes, it’s true. Anyone can offer tooth whitening services and products; you just have to decide what quality you want to provide. Some of the best products out there don’t require you to do anything but explain how to insert the loaded bleach tray. 

If a state has specific regulations about who may administer a whitening treatment, many times it requires minimal safety training or use of another effective product that doesn’t require additional licensing.

Results of Teeth Whitening

For many, simply improving their smile by a couple of shades can make a difference in their lives socially and in their career goals. Imagine how happy they are after a substantial change of six or more levels? It’s an exhilarating feeling that instills new found confidence in your client, and they won’t forget the wonders you have helped them achieve with such a simple tooth whitening process.

You Can Trust the Success of Tooth Whitening Products

Compared to cosmetics, teeth whitening has become one of the highest demanded procedures in the country today. Enhancing one’s overall look with a brilliant smile is all the rage with the new beauty standards set by Hollywood and social media influencers. Having the ability to bring back a gorgeous smile to its full brightness is something everyone thinks about when they look in the mirror or look at pictures of themselves. 

You, as a whitening treatment professional, have the means for them to accomplish this, all while making a small investment and earning big returns. In an industry that focuses on helping customers have more confidence and feel comfortable in their smile, you can help them do so affordably and safely. This translates into fulfilling your own plans for financial independence and taking control of your life on your terms by supplying a popular product.

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