Offer Teeth Whitening to your clients.

How? Order your NUYU Teeth Whitening System to increase your bottom line, standout from the crowd & give instant gratification to your clients.

When You Offer NUYU Teeth Whitening.

Smiles Brighten & Profits Soar

You’ve heard about the NUYU Teeth Whitening System and its potential… what’s next? Knowing about it isn’t enough. It’s time to bring NUYU into your list of service and watch your business thrive.

Learn the Art of Teeth Whitening On-Demand

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What Does Adding the Teeth Whitening to Your Services Involve?

Order Teeth Whitening System

Adding NUYU Teeth Whitening System is straightforward. Order online or contact us for an invoice

Whitening Teeth At ICES

Our teeth whitening solution is designed for swift and stunning results, without the hassle and time-waste of other complicated procedures.


Once you’ve implemented the NUYU Teeth Whitening System, you’ll see an increase in client satisfaction and increase of average profit per client.

What Does a Successful NUYU Teeth Whitening Service Look Like?

If you’re familiar with the transformative power of a brilliant smile, you’ll understand the potential of the NUYU Teeth Whitening System. Now it’s time to introduce this service in your own business. Here’s how it revolutionizes smiles.

Prefilled Whitening Kits 1

Prefilled Whitening Kit

Enhance your business offerings with our comprehensive wholesale teeth whitening kits. Each kit is thoughtfully prepared with carbamide peroxide for effective whitening. We prioritize client comfort and safety, including vitamin E swabs to protect lips and gums. Plus, a brushup is provided to ensure a clean starting point for the best results. These kits are the perfect solution for delivering successful, bright smiles to your customers.

Whitening Pen

Boost your client’s smile maintenance with our premium Whitening Pens. Each pen is carefully formulated with a 12% Hydrogen Peroxide gel, ensuring safe and effective touch-ups. Designed for ease of use and maximum effectiveness, these pens allow for precise application, perfect for daily upkeep of bright smiles. They are an excellent addition to your clients’ oral care routine, helping maintain the brilliance of their smiles between whitening sessions. Our Whitening Pens are key to keeping those dazzling smiles your customers love.

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NUYU Teeth Whitening Starter Package

Inside Your NUYU Teeth Whitening System

  • NuYu 3000 LED Light
  • 15 Prefilled Whitening Kits
  • 15 Whitening Pens
  • 1 Professional Shade Guide
  • 2 Protective Goggles
  • 4 High-Quality 11″ x 14″ Posters
  • 100 Informative Brochures
  • 17 Pages of Engaging Marketing Copy
  • Professional Images & Video
  • Web Content
  • Free Training Course
  • Free Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

Our specially formulated gel is pH balanced and does not contain citric acid or silica which are commonly found in many over-the-counter whitening strips, known for causing sensitivity

NUYU was engineered to be an effective, affordable and pain free treatment. Our process does NOT require uncomfortable prep time or the use of gingiva blocking or retractors.

4ft x 4ft space is all that is required with an electrical outlet for the light. Any chair will do as you can just bring the teeth whitening light up to the client.

We ship within 1-2 days once we receive your order. Allow 3-5 business days for delivery within the USA and Canada.

The whitening process will only whitening veneers and crowns back to their original color. The process does not adversely affect these structures or fillings.

Individual results vary, depending on your tendency to absorb stains, your diet (coffee, tea, red wine, sodas, etc) and lifestyle (tobacco products).

Results can last up to 2 years, with proper maintenance: using the Whitening Pen, avoiding staining products, avoiding enamel-stripping substances (drugstore white strips, sugar, sodas), avoiding drugstore whitening toothpastes that contain silica or other abrasive ingredients which scratch enamel.

Individual results vary, depending on your genetics, what type of stain you have (yellow=easiest to remove, brown=somewhat more difficult to remove, gray=difficult may require a series of treatments), and how thick your enamel is.

We typically see 2 – 8 shades improvement in the first session: then 1-3 shades in follow-up sessions.

Our pre-filled trays contain 36% carbamide peroxide that is perfectly balanced and does not damage the tooth enamel. Whitening Pen 12% Hydrogen Peroxide.

There is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the light and a lifetime warranty on the light if the client orders at least 10 kits per month.

A small percentage of clients will experience some slight tingling sensation during the treatment.

Teeth Whitening is not effective on individuals with stained teeth as a result of certain medications, decalcification, or those who were born with grayish teeth. It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, or children under 18. Unless written permission from an adult.